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AngelsManoir de la Noë Verte, "The passion to receive in a Magic place"
AngelsGilles Machard, "Atmosphere Maker" (Disk-Jockey, Singer, Guitarist...)
AngelsYves Le Vally, Cameraman
AngelsIsabelle Garel, Photographer
AngelsMarcel Lecoq, Owner of old cars
AngelsLes Relais de la fête, Le Bal d'Orphée
AngelsChristelle Le Marlec, Fleurist
AngelsL'Atelier Coiffure, Hairdresser, Make-up artist
Angels1001 Listes, Wedding present list service

Manoir de la Noë Verte, " The passion to receive in a Magic place"

Manoir de la Noë Verte

Cocktail petits fours


A magic place with a wonderful, highly capable and professional team that is always listening to you and trying to satisfy all your wishes and requirements. With the Manoir de la Noë Verte you are sure to have the wedding you have always dreamt of.

Marie-Valérie Boutbien and her team help you a lot with the preparation of your wedding.

A meal-tasting day gives you the opportunity to taste the courses available on the menu prepared by the Chef. That way, it is much easier to choose the wedding menu you like.

If you like, the Manoir de la Noë Verte also takes care of having nice flowers for the car, the city hall, the church, and the Manoir banquet room.

Newlyweds also have the great opportunity to spend their wedding night at the Manoir nuptial suite. Four other rooms are available for relatives.

If you choose the Manoir de la Noë Verte, you are sure that your wedding will be a success.
Having your wedding organized at the Manoir de la Noë Verte is a souvenir for life.

Le Manoir de la Noë Verte
22580 Lanloup-Plouha
Tel.: (+33)2 96 22 33 03
Fax: (+33)2 96 22 30 54
Email: contact@manoirdelanoeverte.fr
Web page: www.manoirdelanoeverte.fr/uk/index_uk.htm

Gilles Machard, "Atmosphere Maker" (Disk-Jockey, Singer, Guitarist...)

Gilles Machard   Gilles Machard playing the guitar  

Gilles Machard is so nice and highly competent. He is always listening to you, to your ideas and suggestions. He wants to prepare your special day. He does not have a "universal solution". He creates the atmosphere you are looking for. With Gilles Machard, you are sure to have a wonderful time like in your best dreams. Your guests will be delighted. Everybody (yes, really everybody) will dance and sing, and everybody will enjoy it.

1, impasse Jean Bart
22590 Pordic
Tel./ Fax: (+33)2 96 79 40 19
Email: gentleman.animateur@wanadoo.fr
Web page: www.gentleman-animateur.fr

Yves Le Vally, Cameraman

Yves Le Vally

Yves Le Vally, is a true professional of video filming and editing. More than just a wedding film, Yves Le Vally will immortalize your wedding as a video reporting of exceptional quality, an unforgettable souvenir.

Tel.: (+33)2 96 92 47 89

Isabelle Garel, Photographer

Isabelle Garel  

Isabelle Garel, a nice photographer who is listening to your expectations and wishes, a professional who will capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding (wedding ceremony, group picture, cocktail) and highlight your love through your wedding couple pictures.

14, place de la République
22170 Châtelaudren
Tel.: (+33)2 96 74 11 10
Web page: www.imagezvous.com

Marcel Lecoq, Owner of old cars

Collection car  

Marcel Lecoq will be very pleased to drive you on your wedding day in one of his beautiful collection cars.

Tel.: (+33)2 96 33 97 63

Les Relais de la fête, Le Bal d'Orphée

Release of balloons  

Decorations, balloons, animations (balloon-shaping clown) for children, fireworks, ...

13 bis, rue de Brest
22120 Hillion
Tel.: (+33)2 96 61 17 78
Fax: (+33)2 96 61 80 24
Email: bal.dorphee@worldonline.fr
Web page: lebaldorphee.free.fr

Christelle Le Marlec, Fleurist

Couleur Nature

  Bride wedding bouquet  

Christelle Le Marlec, fleurist, will listen to your ideas and expectations, give you advice, and create your own wedding bouquet that will fulfill your hopes and match your wedding dress perfectly.

Couleur Nature
Artisan Fleuriste
Christelle Le Marlec
31, Place Foch
22580 Plouha
Tel.: (+33)2 96 22 50 83

L'Atelier Coiffure, Hairdresser, Make-up artist


Joëlle will be very pleased to do your hair and Audrey to put on your make-up to make you the prettiest on your special day.

L'Atelier Coiffure
34, Boulevard du Marechal Foch
22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
Tel.: (+33)2 96 70 40 38

1001 Listes, Wedding present list service

1001 Listes
Wedding present list

1001 Listes is really convenient if you want to have a wedding present list that is not limited to just one store or one brand. 1001 Listes provides a high-quality service. You have one person in charge of your list who answers all your questions, gives you ideas to set up your list and follows your wedding list from its creation until you actually buy the wedding presents you like.
1001 Listes is the perfect solution if your guests come from different cities, areas, states or countries. Having your wedding list with color pictures on the Internet really makes things easier, both for your guests and for you.
On top of that, you will enjoy the reduced prices on several articles, in particular for porcelain services, canteen, kitchen ustensils, etc., with free home delivery.

Web page: http://www.1001listes.fr/1001?context=client&dispatcher=MainScreen_en

For Brittany and Pays-de-Loire (France):
1, rue Suffren
44000 Nantes
Tel.: (+33)2 51 72 06 03
Fax: (+33)2 40 89 53 36
Email: nantes@1001listes.fr



City hall of Saint-Quay-Portrieux

Church of Saint-Quay-Portrieux

Saint-Quay-Portrieux is a very beautiful resort of the Côtes d'Armor in Brittany. It is the 1st French harbor for scallop fishing. If you come to Saint-Quay-Portrieux, you'll like it, for sure! If you like nature, the sea, walking along the sea, you will be delighted.

Web page: www.saintquayportrieux.com/index-uk.html

City Hall - Wedding department :
Mairie de Saint-Quay-Portrieux
Service État Civil
Patricia Irand
52, Boulevard Foch
22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
Tel.: (+33)2 96 70 80 80

Church :
Abbé Perrot
Presbytère de St Quay
21, rue Jeanne d'Arc
22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
Tel.: (+33)2 96 70 41 14


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